MobileMama Charity


What we do

Some of the facts from our charity.

Clothes donations
We provide support through donations of clothes, especially children’s and babies, educational materials such as stationary, pens, paper, notebooks and school uniforms.

Support young women
We also aim to provide support to get young women access to health care for themselves and their babies and help support them in access to baby immunisation. A lot of teenage pregnant women have no access to pre or post natal healthcare not even blood pressure checks and sadly in Uganda this is still a cause of maternal death. Many women and girls lose days of schooling through having no sanitary protection. This means thay have to stay home for fear of being embarrassed about what is a normal part of daily life for all women and having access to sanitary wear is something we take for granted in the UK .

Baby boxes

Baby bags headed for Mukono

Mobilemama has set up programs to deliver a new born baby box for the mums to be so that they will at least have the essentials for the new baby.
Outreach program.

Outreach program
In October 2017 with local foundation leaders in Uganda we hope to start developing a new outreach programme for mothers in the surrounding villages who are more isolated and vulnerable.

Practical support for new mums already supported by CAYEF for their educational and psychosocial support with nappies, maternity clothes and baby clothes


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